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Tell me about your hairstyles and I’ll tell you about your temper

Have you ever thought that your hairstyles can reveal your temper or influence your sexuality? Did you think that when you wish to change your look, your personality dictates your choices because of your life experiences? Do you know what your hairstyle tells about you? You can find some interesting answers about the connection between your temper and your hairstyle in the following excerpt.Hairstyles

What your hairstyles tells about you

It is said that women with long hair, who wear it down on their back are more difficult to approach, being necessary countless proofs of affection and beautiful gestures to completely win their heart. When this happens, they become very tender and passionate, being totally devoted to their lover. But bear in mind that they always need to feel comfortable in the presence of their loved ones, a tactless attitude destroying their good impression and feelings regarding their partner.

Women with light colors of hair are not quite confident in their physical qualities. Therefore, men and friends must encourage and admire them constantly. Thus, they are very romantic and sensitive women who need to feel that love surrounds them in every moment.

If you tend to wear hairstyles which uncover your ears and that highlight the earrings, then this is a subtle sign of emotional availability. This also means that the ears represent a very erogenous zone which requires special attention. Visible ears indicate that the undressing procedure in privacy is a special ritual for this type of women.

Women who like hairstyles with sexy great volume wish to make an impression and are believed to be spiritual and intelligent. They can seem inapproachable, but this is just a mask. Those who will manage to go beyond these barriers will probably have many pleasant surprises.

Women who wear a ponytail hairstyles, often feel lonely and sad. They need tenderness, becoming very possessive, as being totally devoted to their love.

It is not always easy to deal with women who choose short hairstyles. They are generally very dominant as well as subjective. Arguments regarding the supposed masculine superiority do not interest or impress them. They tend to be very passionate and even a little bit brutal or inconsistent in their gestures. If they feel that the relationship does not bring them any satisfaction, they can leave their partner after a very short period of time. They can be everything, but not predictable.Hairstyles

The ones who have very long hairstyles with bangs are withdrawn, shy and fearful. Their erotic imagination is very limited and they do not like shocking surprises. These women feel the most comfortable at home, where everything is very familiar.

The sexuality of women who wear wigs is very accentuated. However, the intimate experiences do not represent the main subject of their existence. They love beautiful surprises made by their partners, appreciating small and symbolic gifts. Flowers and chocolates will impress them in any circumstance. Thus, most of them have a very pleasant personality who could win any person’s heart.

So you see, women’s hairstyles says something about their personality.

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