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Piercing precautions

We always strive to beautify our body but first we must learn some piercing precautions. Modern times brought ancient ideas to life and now piercing our body is considered art. Jewelry, makeup, tattoos and piercing are just a few methods to “adorn” our body.

However, before making a decision that will radically change our appearance, we must take into account the risks to which we expose ourselves.

Unlike tattoos, which are permanent, piercing has the advantage that it gives you the possibility to change its pattern easily and even remove it in case you wish so. If it is old-fashioned or it no longer represents you, the piercing may become history.

Piercing precautions

Best Piercing precautions

Piercing precautions

How to choose the piercing salon?

If you have decided to apply a piercing, we suggest you to make a visit to a professional salon. Your health is more important than anything and unequipped salons and benevolent friends cannot help you with anything if you didn’t take all measures to prevent an infection in your body.

Moreover, the area where you apply the piercing is very important – think that you insert a foreign body into your skin and your organism may not accept it gladly.

Piercing precautions: Firstly, visit the salon where you wish to apply the piercing, talk with the specialists who work there, see if the salon is really clean and has the equipment sterilized.

If you walked into a salon ready to apply a piercing, make sure that the person who does this procedure wears gloves and uses sterilized needles. Otherwise, you risk to get infected even with hepatitis B, hepatitis C or HIV.

Piercing Materials

Opt for the piercing made of gold, surgical stainless steel or titanium. After the wound is completely healed, you can also try other materials.

Piercing healing time

Healing time varies depending on where the piercing is applied and your skin type. Thus, healing time can vary between 4 weeks and several months (even a year).

Burning question: Does piercing hurt?

There are few salons where there is practiced local anesthesia, so it’s likely for this procedure to be painful. The good news is that under normal conditions, the operation cannot last more than a few seconds.

Hygiene measures

Piercing precautions: after the piercing is done, you need to clean the area daily in order to prevent infection. The specialist who applied the piercing to your body will recommend you a solution and also he will advise you about how you must take care of it.

Do not use alcohol-based disinfectants, as they can dry your skin, causing more harm than good. Also, if you do sports, you should clean the piercing immediately after finishing the exercises.

Other piercing precautions

Do not apply a piercing when you are sick. A weakened immune system can help the infection develop in your entire body and you surely do not want this. In addition, this will make the process of healing last longer and the area where you applied the piercing look awful.

Remember that you wish to improve your appearance and not to ruin your health and in the same time your look.

For a rapid healing process, try to adopt a healthy lifestyle: a healthy diet full of vitamins, regular sleep and no stress.

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