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Learn How to Manage Your Oily Hair!

Flawless makeup, high heels, tight waist dress, purse that matches the outfit … a last look in the mirror and we see the detail that can ruin the whole look for us: the hair is oily and shiny. And just a day ago we washed our hair! Oily hair is a problem faced by many women, but it can be kept under control by using precise methods and products of care for the scalp that has a tendency of becoming greasy.


The hair stays hydrated and healthy due to the secretion of sebum in the scalp, but becomes unaesthetic is when the amount of sebum produced is too high. Hyperseborrhea is not the only one to blame for oily hair; there can be multiple causes: hormonal disorders, medication, stress, genetic predisposition, shampoos and inappropriate treatments or hair type (people with thin hairs often have problems with getting their hair greasy). Excess sebum can also cause other problems for the scalp, like seborrheic dandruff, so besides the shiny look we are faced with other unaesthetic problems.

But what steps do we have to follow in order to properly take care of our hair?

  • Choose the most suitable shampoo: sulfur-free, because it helps removing the sebum for a brief period of time; no 2 in 1 shampoos as they load the hair even more. The hair stylist recommendation: Gentle Cleansing Shampoo label.m
  • Choose the most suitable conditioner: the leave in type which does not need rinsing – if you rinse it you will not be able to keep it away from the scalp and it will favor the appearance of sebum. The hair stylist recommendation: Leave in conditioner label.m, Protein Spray label.m
  • Follow a precise routine for washing: water should be at a medium temperature (hot water and expands the sebum), the scalp should be rubbed with the fingertips, not the nails and the head massage should be gentle as to not stimulate the sebaceous glands!
  • Take care of your hair daily: do not play with your hair 30 times a day, because you facilitate the presence of dust and other impurities, protect your hair from environmental factors by avoiding wearing your hair loose on windy days or traffic; use a medium heat for the hair dryer and avoid daily usage of styling products because they lead to the appearance of sebum.

Valuable advice comes from hairstylist Gina Aron, Ambassador label.m, who urges us to choose a haircut and hairstyle that will help us take care of our oily hair much easier. Products that are suitable for this type of hair are sulfur-free or the ones based on lemon, peppermint, eucalyptus or rosemary.

Also, an ideal solution for oily hair is products in the form of dry shampoo (Dry Shampoo label.m), which may postpone the washing for a day or two, especially if we receive an unexpected invitation to a romantic dinner.

Excess sebum is not difficult to keep under control, just remember these basic steps: suitable shampoo and conditioner, no excessive heat and powerful massage to the scalp, protect it against external factors and avoid passing the hand through your hair!

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