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How to take care of your skin according to your age

After all the companies in the world producing cosmetics have wondered why did they fail in creating a face cream which could solve all the problems for women of any age, the answer came from a MIT student, who discovered that the human skin needs special carrying, according to the age of the person. Thus, wrinkles, zits, blotches- all must be treated differently, as we get older.

How to do skin care

Take care of your skin

How to take care of your skin according to your age? Here are the conclusions of the specialists:

Women aged around 20 do not take very good care of their complexion simply because it looks wonderful. They do not sleep sufficiently, they spend too much time on the beach during summer, without thinking that this habit will facilitate the appearance of wrinkles in just a few years. Besides protecting their skin better and trying to relax, the 20 year old women should hydrate their complexion with creams containing aquatic plants, apple extract and amino acids.

You should also take good care of the most sensitive area of the face: the skin around the eyes. Its structure is very fragile and it should never be loaded with fat creams, as the skin can be severely damaged.
Apply a special cream around the eyes through the gentle circular movement of two fingers to spread it correctly.

When you reach the age of 30 years old you seriously begin to worry about the sudden appearance of wrinkles. This is the time when women generally start realizing that they are not getting any younger.
This category of people are advised to use face creams and masks containing algae extracts and pears. The ingredients present in these masks tend to slow down the aging process, oxygenate the skin and reduce intertrigo.

If you are 40 years old and the wrinkles become more and more obvious, then you should hydrate your skin with lotions containing a mixture of amino acids, which have the capacity of repairing and revitalizing the DNA of your skin.

Moreover, here are some ingredients that you should identify on the prospect of your daily face cream: bialuronic acid, liposomes, ceramides, AHA (in very low amounts), vitamin C (for the synthesis of the collagen), vitamin A and phytoestrogens (with an important role in cell regeneration).

The best creams for women who reach the age of 50 are those containing sorghum extract. It has been demonstrated that this ingredient makes the skin become firmer immediately after the first application.

It is recommended to apply at least twice a week masks with a high fat content that will make the skin smoother.

There is also the variant of using creams with immediate lifting effects. It is tempting to take advantage of their effect as frequently as possible even if this is not recommended. This type of creams should be used only on special occasions, as they will weaken the elasticity of the skin.

On the other hand, the aloe plants can be considered magic, as you can use them for almost any skin problem. Aloe vera contains a rich range of nutrients that stimulate the skin cells. It has detoxifying effects, which act at cellular level.

You may choose the gels you find in drugstores or you can apply, at least twice a week, an aloe vera mask directly on your skin. You will notice the results in just several weeks.

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