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How to Cure Tired, Sore Feet

Today, 80% of adults experience foot pain. Women are more prone to leg fatigue due to hormonal causes associated with menstruation and menopause. The most common cause of leg fatigue is the lifestyle – physical inactivity, diet, obesity, smoking, plus other factors such as heredity or hormonal changes. All these have a significant impact on blood circulation and other physiological mechanisms that can cause Tired and Sore Feet.

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– Intestinal problems have a direct impact on blood circulation and thus may be responsible for leg fatigue. A diet rich in fiber helps to balance your digestive system. Start adding foods such as fruits, vegetables and cereals in your diet. These will help your legs deal with effort much better. In addition to high fiber foods, you should not miss vitamin E, calcium and protein. These help your body combat leg fatigue.

– Water is responsible for detoxifying the entire body. Drink enough water (or natural juices, herbal teas). It will help your body eliminate toxins and excess fat.

– If you feel your legs tired legs due to poor blood circulation, sleep with your feet slightly elevated: roll a blanket and sleep with you feet on it. If you think this solution is not convenient, you can facilitate blood circulation sleeping on the left side of the body.

– Shoes and clothes can also be a cause for leg fatigue. Usually, it is advisable to avoid pants too tight as these don’t allow moving your legs naturally. Also, shoes with heels too high or very low base, can influence the state of your feet: choose shoes with a 1-2 inches heel that properly support your body weight and foot strain.

– Certain sports can help you tackle tired feet and contribute to good blood circulation: the best sports for your feet are swimming, cycling, running and of course walking. A daily 30 minutes walk will ensure optimum tone and major benefits for the entire cardiovascular system.

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