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Get Rid of Cellulite BEFORE your Vacation!

Are you ready to hit the beach this summer? I bet you do, but what shall we do about that trace of cellulite?

Follow these simple cellulite tips that cover diet tricks, exercises and body treatments!

In the following weeks, your diet should not miss:

1. Proteins

Cellulite is more visible at women who have loose skin or muscles.

To get rid of this problem, you need a diet rich in protein and muscle strengthening exercises.

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Easy target

2. Essential fats

Even if it seems strange, fats do not worsen cellulite, but help get it removed for having an anti-inflammatory effect, as cellulite is nothing but an inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue.

The fats having strong anti-inflammatory roles are the fats found in the omega-3 category. You’ll find them in fish, flax seeds and nuts.

Also, there are fish oil supplements that do wonders for your skin.

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3. Glucosamine

This substance is found in the amino sugars category, used as a supplement for joint maintenance, but recent discoveries found that it also has positive effects on cellulite, as it helps rebuild the tissue.

Glucosamine can be consumed as supplements, but is abundant in animal bones.

Therefore, if you’ve boiled some chicken, beef or pork bones in a soup, you’ll have a meal rich in this substance. In addition, a soup keeps your hunger away and contributes to hydration.

4. Antioxidants

This category includes many substances that are found mainly in fruits and vegetables, but can also be found in supplements. To have a maximum effect, avoid all toxins found in: coffee, tobacco and processed foods.

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External cellulite treatments:

Even if cellulite is easier to beat from the inside, you should not miss any of these body treatments.

1. Seaweed bath

To have a better circulation, put in your bath tub a few hands of seaweed.

You should find seaweed at natural stores (it is low-priced). You can improvise a scrub of sea salt mixed with shredded seaweed.

2. Coffee grounds 

Also for a cellulite scrub. Use with confidence this already known cellulite remedy made of coffee grounds. Every morning, if you still decide to have a coffee, use the ground remaining to rub your skin thoroughly in the shower.

3. Apple cider vinegar

No need to drink it, if you do not like the taste. Use this vinegar as a lotion and massage your cellulite areas every night.

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