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Gel Nails – Advantages and Disadvantages

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It is believed that hands represent an important aspect of a neat look for every woman. What could be more beautiful than having a perfect manicure all the time? Nowadays the perfect long lasting manicure is easy to obtain, but you must also know which are the disadvantages of the modern methods used today.

The most spectacular manicure is obtained in our time by applying gel or acryl on your nails as a coating or as false nails made of these materials. Taking in consideration all the miths circulating about false nails, let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of this type of manicure.


Gel nails are much more durable than the natural nails. They are a good alternative in case the natural nails don’t grow sufficiently, they break easily or you have the bad habit of biting them.

Gel nails always create a perfect French manicure. The dream of having a perfect and a long lasting (for at least a couple of weeks) classic French manicure can finally become reality!

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This doesn’t mean that you must give up your daily activities- it just means that your nails will better cope with all the difficult situations. Moreover, you can forget about the small imperfections of your natural nails – they will become invisible!

If the natural nails do not allow you to keep them long, the gel protection will help you to maintain the length you’ve always desired for a long period of time. In addition, the form of the nails will always be perfect, creating an unbelieveble symmetry.

The decoration of the false nails is limited only by your imagination: nail painting, three-dimensional applications or even piercing. Thus, your nails can become a fabulous work of art!

The nail polish used on gel nails lasts longer. If you wish to transform the classic French manicure in a lively colour, you can always use your favourite nail polish; the best part is that the nail polish will remain intact on the gel nails longer than on the natural ones and it will have a perfect sheen.

But what if you break a nail? There is absolutely no problem – because of the materials used, the nail will be perfect again in no time!

Let’s also see some of the few disadvantages of using gel nails:

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Gel nails

The natural nail must be filed. It is said that the gel destroys the surface of the natural nail. In fact, it is true that the nail is slightly affected, but not because of the substance used, but because of the filing that must be done before applying the gel.However, this procedure is not more harmful to nails than the hair dye for the hair.

Water warning! If you keep your hands in water for a long period of time (due to your job, cleaning the house or because you like to swim in the sea while you are on holiday) the gel could partially and even totally separate from your natural nails.

False nails need maintenance. Whether you like it or not, gel nails need maintenance every two or three weeks. Otherwise, they will look unaesthetic, the space between the natural nail and the gel becoming visible.

They are addictive! Perhaps this is their biggest disadvantage. They are extremely practical, they always look impeccable and break rarely.

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