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Fish Spa – A risk for your health

Fish-Spa or those tanks with small fish that eat the dead skin on your feet has become a trend all over the world, more and more people being enchanted by this extraordinary concept. However, scientists have recently discovered that this unusual way of pampering your feet implies great risks for your health.

fish spa review

Fish spa

I know that when you first hear of this type of pedicure you think: What if, instead of a traditional massage or spa session I try fish-spa? That is to put your feet in an aquarium and wait for hundreds of small fish to nibble your skin.

What is Fish Spa?

It is true, the sensation is unique and we all are tempted to try it, especially during holidays when we feel totally relaxed and we wish to try all the new things we don’t usually do.

Moreover, when you hear that these small creatures can cure your wounds and even make some skin diseases disappear in a very short period of time, you feel that you would even want to take them home with you.

But, there is a question that, I believe, has lingered in the minds of all people who wished to try or even tried this method of making their skin look beautiful: Isn’t there a slight possibility to get a disease from the fish?

Fish spa diseases 

Scientists have now attempted to give an answer to this question. According to Health Protection Agency in the UK, people who suffer from diabetes, psoriasis or those who have a vulnerable immune system should never use this treatment, as they could get various types of infections, including hepatitis C or HIV, especially because the water is rarely changed after being used by a client.

The blood – borne viruses (such as HIV or hepatitis) can pass from one person to another if the infected people have even a small scratch on their feet and stick them into the tank. The possibility of getting a disease is quite high, especially if you decide to experience this type of treatment in places where the hygiene level is precarious : such as in amusement parks, on the side of the road and even in saloons where there are lots of people who do this type of pedicure.

Thus, you should firstly maintain yourself healthy and be very attentive with the places you choose to treat your affections – especially if you have wounds on your feet. You should always go for specialized saloons, as Fish – spa should be a luxurious treatment.

Pay attention to the colour and odor of the water in which you stick your feet – it should be clear, transparent and odorless. Don’t let yourself tempted by special offers or by the fact that all your friends do it (as part of a fun holiday experience) if you have any doubt regarding the reliability of the process.

All in all, Fish-spa should be a unique and extraordinary experience. In order to keep it that way, be always attentive at the details and don’t let something „fishy” to ruin your life.

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