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False Eyelashes in Three Simple Steps

Special occasions require special measures. False eyelashes can be your secret weapon if you wish to look like a diva. Women resort to this makeup trick to have longer eyelashes and a more dramatic aspect. Most Hollywood stars do not use mascara to have long and well defined lashes. They choose to apply false eyelashes, which, if exploited correctly, look as natural as their own.

Once you try them, they will surely become your best friends, especially when it comes to makeup for special evenings and parties. False lashes can instantly create a glamorous look, being very easy to apply.

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How to apply eyelashes

False Eyelashes in Three Simple Steps

Step 1

The false eyelashes are usually applied only on the upper natural eyelashes. The eyelids must be lifted using medical tape. This process leads to a correction of the form of eyelashes, allowing a more accurate application of the extensions.

Step 2

How to apply false eyelashes: Spread glue on the back of your hand so that you can put it on the ends of your natural eyelashes. Your kit must contain a special adhesive, which is quite hard to use if you do not carefully follow the directions mentioned on the package.

It is best to apply a very thin film of glue on the full length of the eyelashes tape; then wait for 30 to 60 seconds before putting them on your eyelids. In this way, the glue will harden and will be easier for you to attach your new eyelashes.

Step 3

Grab the false eyelashes with tweezers and drag them as close as possible to your eye; apply and hold them for 30- 60 seconds. The glue and the false eyelashes should never come into contact with the skin. Any glue in excess will be removed with a small brush.

To make a natural connection between the natural and false eyelashes, apply mascara twice. An eyeliner will help you hide flaws, so do not hesitate to outline the eyes with a black eye pencil.

Do not apply eye shadow before you stick the eyelashes. The eye shadow can prevent false eyelashes from being attached. If makeup powder accidentally fall on the false eyelashes, clean it with a clean brush.

Never go to sleep wearing false eyelashes! Remove them by using a regular cleanser, which will soften the adhesive. Do not try to simply pull them. Even if you manage to take them off, you will snatch some of your natural lashes. After applying the cleanser, wait for several seconds before trying to make them come off.

Although you love the effect which false eyelashes create, you shouldn’t exaggerate and use them every day. Because of their incredible volume and length, they can be easily noticed, especially in broad daylight. Keep them as your “secret weapon” only for special events.

You can use a pair of false eyelashes several times, depending on their type. Always read the instructions and recommendations on the package to make sure that they can be reused. Buy your false eyelashes from reliable sources! They must be of the highest quality and you must be sure that you won’t jeopardize the health of your eyes.

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