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Fall 2012 : 8 Essential Products for your Beauty Kit

As the cold season approaches, our body goes through various changes. The first organ which senses these changes is our skin, therefore you must replace the personal care products you have used during the summer with ones which are more appropriate with the chilly weather.

However, there are 8 very important products that should always be in your beauty kit this fall:

autumn makeup

Autumn makeup in 2011

1. Cold – pressed organic argan oil

As the weather becomes colder and colder, your skin will need to remain hydrated. The argan oil is perfect for this. It is very moisturizing, it doesn’t make your skin feel greasy, being easily absorbed.

2. A light-coloured foundation

Whether you want it or not, your wonderful summer tan will start fading. As a result, your foundation will have to be adapted to the new shade of your skin. If during the summer it was natural to wear a darker foundation, in autumn you must choose a slightly lighter one, as you do not want to achieve a ridiculous look.

3. Apply pink shades of blush

No matter how much you would like to prolong the summer, in the middle of September it is no longer appropriate to use a bronzer. You should choose natural shades of pink, which will add extra freshness to your complexion.
Try to smile every time you apply blush on your cheeks. In order to highlight your cheekbones, use a darker shade in the area close to the ears.

4. Concealer

If the bronzer made the dark circles less visible, during autumn you will definetly need a concealer. As the dark circles around your eyes can be purple or yellowish, one should cover them with complementary colours. Make sure that you choose the correct shade, otherwise the difference between your skin and the area on which you applied the concealer will be quite visible. On the other hand, if you have serious problems with your skin caused by pimples or severe dark circles, it is preferable to treat them and not to try to hide them.

5. A mate and moisturizer lipstick

It is true that gloss is perfect for any skin type and in every occasion, but this autumn specialists advise us to choose a matte and hydrating lipstick which matches your skin tone.

6. Eyebrow pencil

During summer your hair as well as your eyebrows tend to decolorate and if you do not have sufficient time to die them, buy an eyebrow pencil. It is perfect if you wish to correct and define your eyebrows.

7. Eye shadow

Autumn shades are wonderful. Thus, don’t be affraid to use them as often as possible on your eyelids. Whether you choose beige or brown hues, you will definetly look gorgeous.

8. Eyeliner

This season the 60’s style is more than present in fashion and makeup. Therefore, if you wish to create a sophisticated and easy to achieve look, inspired from Brigitte Bardot’s shootings, contour your eyes with a black eyeliner. If your skin is white and you have delicate features, choose a brown eyeliner to make your eyes look spectacular.

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