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Do you know how to preserve cosmetics?

Do you know how to preserve cosmetics?

If they are not kept in proper conditions, cosmetics can lose all their properties and become a danger for our beauty and health. Their texture generally depends on their composition, humidity and climate factors. Cosmetics can be usually utilized on a quite long period of time, varying between one and three years. However, if you wish to be able to use them throughout this period of time you must know which are the optimal storage conditions. Thus, makeup, creams and lotions can maintain their consistency and retail properties if they are stored correctly.

how to preserve cosmetics

how to preserve cosmetics

How to preserve cosmetics:

1. Avoid mixing mascara with water

When you use mascara, try to introduce the brush into the tube just once, as air could infiltrate into it and determine the deterioration of its content. Rotate the tube a few times before opening it and applying mascara and never introduce water or other types of liquids in the tube, as this could lead to the development of dangerous germs. Avoid using mascara borrowed from a friend because this is the fastest method to „ borrow” also some infections as conjunctivitis.
Generally, mascara can be used with great results for three-six months. It must be stored at room temperature, in a clean and dry environment.

2. If the texture of your lipstick changes

Then you must replace it with a new one. The lipstick can be stored at room temperature or in the fridge. Avoid leaving it on a shelf in the bathroom! If its color, flavor or texture change, you must definitely throw it away. Moreover, if you like to apply your lipstick with a brush, you must always wash it with warm water and soap after every use. Lipstick can last in your drawer or fridge for at least one year.

3. The foundation must be kept at room temperature

In order to maintain the smooth and delicate texture of your foundation, store it in a dry and dark place, at room temperature. Use a special brush or a sponge to apply it. This is a a hygienic and efficient method. Foundation usually has a guarantee period of maximum 6 months and this is how you should preserve this cosmetic.

4. Do not change your moisturizing lotion frequently!

Face cream must be used as quickly as possible, especially if it contains plant extracts. It is best to buy a single product in this category and use it daily. If the product is packed in an open container, use a sponge or a spatula to apply it, because through the direct contact with your fingers, the product could get contaminated with bacteria. Especially if the same lotion is used by several people.A moisturizing lotion keeps its properties intact for one year.

5. Eye shadows should not be used more than one year

Eye shadow must be stored at room temperature and not in the fridge. If it comes in the form of powder, you can keep and utilize it for one year more. On the other hand, creamy eye shadows deteriorate faster. Clean its sponge or brush at least twice a week, especially if you use them for a great variety of colors.

How to preserve cosmetics:

Expired products represent a real danger for our health

If you want to preserve your cosmetics the right way, store all your cosmetics in a dark, cool and dry place. Light and heat can lead to the degradation of their ingredients. It is true that it is more comfortable to keep the cosmetics in the bathroom, but the temperature variation and humidity can affect the structure of your products. The car is another place where you should never leave your cosmetics – the excessive heat or very low temperatures in winter, dust and germs can transform your beauty kit into a real danger for your health.

A poorly preserved cosmetic product does not only lead to a poor makeup but it is also a real danger for your skin. Do not try to extend the term of validity of your cosmetic products, as you could only get eye infections or severe skin diseases.

How to preserve cosmetics: The maximum period of use for most of the common types of cosmetics

• Mascara: 3-6 months;
• Blusher: 12 – 18 months;
• Lipstick: 18 months;
• Foundation: 6 months;
• Eye shadows: 12 months;
• Liquid eyeliner: 3-6 months;
• Shampoo: 24 months;
• Shower gel: 24 months.

This is how to preserve cosmetics the right way.

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