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Clean skin in under 10 minutes!

A Clean Complexion in 10 Minutes

You still haven’t found the cure for zits and shiny skin? Here is the answer: cleansing on the run! Adopt our simple methods to obtain a clean, clear complexion in just 10 minutes.

1. Pre-cleaning

Wipe your face with a cleanser disc to get rid of blush, powder and foundation. In this way, you remove the dirt and the surface makeup and the cleaning lotion will thoroughly clean your skin in the second stage.

2. Circular motion

Wet your face, put on your fingertips equal amounts (about the size of a peanut) of cleaning lotion and apply it on your face with circular movements of your fingers: outwards (this technique removes fat dead cells), on both sides of the chin and on the cheeks and starting from the nose until you reach the cheekbones.

3. The “T” area

In order to clean the “T’ area, the most pretentious side of your face, create small circles with your fingers on the chin, both sides of the nose and on the forehead.

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Clean Skin

The smaller the circles are, the more effective they will prove to be in dissolving the dirt and grease from your skin, especially in the case of an oily complexion.

4. Rinsing

End the ritual by rinsing your face with warm water, then wipe both sides of your face with a soft cleansing disc or cotton towel, to remove all traces of lotion that could block the skin pores.

5. Night cream

At the end, rinse your face again- this time use cold water in order to close pores.
Dry your face by dabbing with a clean towel.

Apply your night face cream in the next 60 seconds; damp skin absorbs better the cream.

These five simple steps will help you maintain a beautiful and bright complexion.

If you have serious problems with your complexion, you should undertake cosmetic treatments from time to time, without exaggerating.

It should pass at least two months between the cosmetic sessions, otherwise, they might make your skin to look worse.

If you do not have enough time to consult a specialist, appeal to the greatest expert in the house: the fridge. You will find there a lot of natural products that will make your skin more beautiful: milk moisturizes, tomatoes remove skin marks and brown sugar together with olive oil can be considered the best bio scrub.

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How to clean your skin

In addition, you should try to drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day – it will help you eliminate toxins from your body, which are responsible for most of your skin problems.

Furthermore, try as much as possible not to let your hair permanently touch your face. During the day, the hair accumulates dust, oil, dirt and sometimes dandruff – which can easily reach your complexion.

If you have long hair, try to keep it away from your cheeks and forehead as much as possible.


It is one of the most effective ways to make your complexion look better. In the end, there should be a reason for the existence of the expression “ beauty sleep”. It is said that a 7 -8 hours of sleep will remediate puffy and hollow eyes.

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