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Choosing and applying Lipstick correctly

Lipstick is one of the most bought items in the world and that is because women all over the world use it. Even so, there are plenty of us who do not really know what lipstick is really for and we tend to use it without… sense.

This means that we consume large amounts of lipstick not even knowing why we do it? Of course, we know that we are more beautiful, more seductive, but there is also a hidden secret under the beautiful, colorful thing that we use daily.

Why is Lipstick important for a Woman?

There are numerous women out there who use lipstick just to make themselves look better. Color on the lips changes our entire look and this is the main reason for which most of us use it – because we look better, we are a lot sexier and sensual and our lips look bigger, fuller.

Even so, most of us do not really know who to use the magic thing brought to us by so many companies in the world who make billions of dollars just from selling lipsticks.

Of course, lipstick has many other properties. Aside of the fact that it can make us look absolutely irresistible, it also keeps our lips moist and hydrated and protected, especially in the dry and cold seasons.

Choosing and applying Lipstick

How to choose lipstick

Even so, do we really know how to choose the perfect color? Also, do we know how to apply it correctly once we get the perfect color? Read the entire article to find out.

Choose the Right Lipstick and apply It Correctly

Well, as you well know, we always try to find the perfect shade for our lips. Be it pink, bright red, cream or blue, we always try to find the type of color which makes us look our best. And it is only normal.

The color is extremely important because it has to match everything we have on us from our skin tone to the clothes we are wearing. This is one of the main reasons for which women have so many lipsticks, in different colors and shades.

For instance, if your skin tone is brighter, fairer, the best color for you may be somewhere between purple and red purple, while for darker skin tones, shades of red and orange are the best.

In what concerns the type of lipstick, you need to know that a wetter texture will make your lips a lot more sensual, but it lasts for only a short period of time and if you plan to go somewhere where you can’t just go to the bathroom and refresh it, you will be sorry for choosing that wet lipstick.

During the day it would be better if you used lipstick and gloss.

In what concerns the application, you have to outline the edges of your lips at first, with a liner which has the same color as your lips and not in the shade of the lipstick. Then, you need to use the same liner to fill your entire lip.

After that, take your lip brush and apply the lipstick by starting from the center of the lip and going outward. In the end, you need to blot out all the extra lipstick with a napkin.

Have fun and turn some heads with your lipstick tricks!

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