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Beauty Trends – Fall 2011

Summer is about to end…it’s time for you to read fresh information about trends for winter and about the perfect makeup for this autumn. Nude makeup, eyeliner, hues of orange and well defined eyebrows – find out all about the favourite styles of next season from the guide below.

Beauty Trends – Fall 2011:

Nude Makeup

This season, contrasting the dramatic and colorful makeup of the summer, stylists recommend not only a natural skin, but a very pale complexion. This autumn makeup artists have reinvented the nude makeup making it brighter than ever.

The skin and lips are no longer mate. On, the contrary, the face must be bright and fresh as the one of a doll: a smooth complexion, glossy lips and extra long eyelashes.

beauty trends fall 2011

Beauty trends fall 2011

Dark lips

The recommended shades of lipstick for this fall are a little bit darker than those generally preferred by stylists for spring and summer looks. However, they are very elegant and feminine. Shades of bery, bright red, plum, coral and burgundy – all touched by the warm rays of the autumn sun – are in vogue this season. They complete both retro and avantgarde looks.

Colour the edge of your lips with a pencil which has the identical shade of the lipstick you are going to use. Apply the lipstick with a brush starting from the center of your lips. Then, finish by applying a transparent gloss.

Double eyeliner

Cat eyes, smoothly doubled on the eyelid, is one of the most representative beauty trends on the catwalks, especially for autumn and winter 2011. Choose the type of liner which suits you, as long as the line you draw is quite visible, your makeup will be surely a hit.

Thick eyebrows

Arched or blonde eyebrows are out of fashion this fall. On the other hand, natural eyebrows, with an unbleached colour and shape are back in the fashion business. Buy a dark brown pencil to make them glossy and you will be in accordance with the makeup artists’ suggestions.

Orange eyelids

One of the major trends for this fall, following the bright and energetic colours of the summer, is represented by the shades of intense orange that you must use on your eyelids.

Hues of tangerine, coral and orange pumpkin can be already seen on the eyelids of Hollywood stars. Trendsetters like Scarlet Johansson and Leelee Sobieski have displayed an outstanding and in the same time extreme makeup. You should also try various shades of orange and create a spectacular makeup!

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Hair stylists vote: Long hair

Long, healthy hair with or without bangs (depending on the shape of your face and of course your desires) – is what hair stylists recommend for this season.

If you don’t have a long hair, you must know that the messy bob haircut is a good alternative for the autumn of 2011. In the same way, haircuts like “garconne” or “pixie”, which create a punk rock style are trendy choices if you have decided to opt for short hair. These variants of haircuts are suitable for both straight and curly hair (if you wish to obtain a playful style).

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