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Beauty Mistakes that Make you Look Older

Have you ever used cosmetics which instead of making you look gorgeous have destroyed your look? Many women do beauty mistakes. This is because it is not sufficient to follow exactly the correct procedures for obtaining the desired image. You must also use the adequate products.

beauty mistakes

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Beauty Mistakes that Make you Look Older:

Uninspired action – using more than two colours for your eyelid makeup. This combination will not only make you look exhausted, but also it will give you an aspect of premature aging. In addition, this type of luxurious makeup can determine, in time, the appearance of wrinkles around your eyes.

The same remark must be made in the case of foundation – do not use too much foundation, as the result can be disastruous. Choose a fluid one and spread it on your complexion as well as you can. After applying the foundation, it is best to check the aspect of your skin in natural sun light, if you do your makeup in the morning. However, it is recommended to apply a moisturizing cream on your face before using foundation. This will make the procedure of applying the makeup easy and more homogeneous.

Also, one of the biggest beauty mistakes is related to powder. Pay great attention to the way you powder your face! Do not apply more than two layers of powder on your skin. Otherwise your face will look plastered.

If you pinch your eyebrows as thin as they could possibly be, then you have surely noticed that after using your tweezers you look at least 10 years older. Moreover, after pinching your eyebrows in this way, the hair won’t grow as thick as it previously was and you will be forced to use a special pencil to correct your beauty mistakes. Unfortunately, this does not lead to a wonderful and youthful look.

Other beauty mistakes:

Dye your hair as rarely as you can! The dye deteriorates your hair ,destroys its roots, creating the appearance of an old doll’s hair. The same problem can occur in the case of women who dye their eyebrows – in time, the hair will disappear; thus, you should better use a pencil to colour them rather than dye your eyebrows every two weeks.

Keep your dark shades of lipstick only for special occasions. They add years to your age and do not make you look more natural or feminine. For everyday use, choose natural colours like nude, pink, beige or a transparent lip – gloss.

If you have chosen to take advantage of the revolutionary methods of plastic surgery, you should always learn more about the properties of the fluids you inject in your skin as some of these fluids could represent a beauty mistake.

For example, the skin around the mouth is very sensitive and if it loses its elasticity, you will have expression wrinkles identical with the ones of older people.

Another good advice is to always check the expiry date of the creams you use. It is better to apply slices of fruits and various vegetables on your face and neck than to use a cream which does not suit your needs. Go for the natural variant in every situation and you will look younger in the long run.

I’m sure you’ll find great ways to boost your look! You should read the articles we have in our Beauty Secrets category in order to stop all the beauty mistakes you currently make.

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