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Beautiful and happy – Healthy rules for beauty

1. For those too busy or hurried, the best method for detoxification of the body is a glass of warm water with a teaspoon of honey and the juice obtained from half a lemon. This mixture is to be drunk early in the morning.

2. The alternation of cold and warm water is one of the most effective ways of keeping the youth. This simple procedure maintains vascular tone, restores skin elasticity and helps you lose weight.

3. Forget the elevator! Climbing stairs strengthens leg muscles, their descent – the abdominal muscles.

4. If you do not have time to gym – walk! At least 3 hours a day – equivalent to an hour of jogging.

5. At the restaurant, instead of fatty sauces and hearty food, eat a salad, with more than one instance.

6. Massage is the best way to get rid of fatigue and stress. During the day, several times vigorously massage your ears with the palms.

7. Meditate! 15-20 minutes of meditation will bring you calm, you will unlearn to go through life with eyes closed ‘and you will only learn to see beauty in life.

8. The easiest way to always be in shape – eat only half portion.

9. If you awake at night, try not to look at the clock. If you can’t sleep, lie down and keeping your eyes closed because it is recreation.

10. Choose accessories to complete the outfit so they did not distract from it.

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