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Aromatic oils are now Natural Remedies

Best known for pampering your sense of smell, aromatic oils are used not only to combat stress and relaxation, but also for therapeutic purposes. Thus aromatic oils generally have antimicrobial properties, especially useful during winter for infections with bacteria, viruses, and generally to combat fungi, parasites or certain insects.

Aromatic oils also offer skin benefits, but not used as such, but in various combinations: It is very important to know that these oils must not be applied directly to the skin since they may cause burns. We could benefit from their therapeutic properties by diluting them in fatty oils, such as Argan for example, or in creams and masks made from yogurt and honey.

essential aromatic oils

Natural remedies of aromatic essential oils

Aromatic oils have the following effects

Pine aromatic oils – against fatigue

If you want to always look great, the pine aromatic oils might just do the trick. You should search for the aromatic oils obtained from the Abies alba plant. (Aetheroleum abietic).

Put 3-5 drops into 10 ml of fatty oil (eg argan oil, coconut oil) or in your cream, in yogurt or honey masks as it acts as a general tonic, emollient, anti-inflammatory and healer. It is recommended for general weakness and fatigue.

Eucalyptus aromatic oils – act against flu

Eucalyptus aromatic oils act against flu, it is antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and emollient as it clears your airways.

It is recommended to improve your cold, treat sinusitis or traheobronhitis, in fever with runny nose and headaches.

The aromatic oils of eucalyptus (Eucalyptus Aetheroleum) are obtained from the Eucalyptus globulus plant.

How to use this eucalyptus aromatic oils:

  • Spa – Place 10 drops in the bath, dissolved in a solvent (shower gel, liquid soap, bubble bath);
  • Massage – Add two to three drops in your massage oil;
  • Aromatherapy – 50 ml of water, use 3-5 drops;
  • Inhalations – 8 drops in 100 ml of hot water.

Lavender aromatic oils – useful in depression

The aromatic oils of lavender (Aetheroleum Lavandulae) are obtained from the Lavender Angustifolia plant and act as an antidepressant or have calming effects. It is recommended to improve migraines, headaches, asthenia, insomnia and sleep disorders or panic and nervous exhaustion.

Only 3-5 drops of lavender oil placed in 10 ml of fatty oil (eg argan oil or coconut oil) or in your cream, yogurt or honey masks will help your skin regenerate, stop aging and can be used for many skin problems such as irritation, acne, eczema and stretch marks.

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Now you know that Aromatic oils are also used as natural remedies!

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