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5 Secrets for Super Sexy Legs

sexy legsHave you ever wanted sexy legs? Summer is not far away and the girls must prepare from time to look good, especially since light outfits reveal more and more. To wear skirts and favorite dresses, your legs should look flawless. Toned, skin without cellulite and discreet tanned. How do you get these?

Follow our article and your life will no longer be complicated by the appearance of your feet.

Top 5 Tips for Super Sexy Legs

1. Slender and sexy legs

We know that nutrition and physical activity are a “must” when it comes to a beautiful silhouette. High consumption of fruits and vegetables and low fat not only helps prevent cellulite and get rid of ugly excess pounds. And since spring has arrived is a pity not to take advantage of seasonal fruits and vegetables. In addition, fine weather must motivate us to spend more time outdoors and make the move.

Whether you opt for long walks in the park, jog, walk or bicycle wheels, figure and our body has everything to gain. Do not forget! Walking makes beautiful legs!

2. Extra smoothness

Whether you choose to wax, epilate or creams, you should get rid of unwanted hair. Also pamper your legs with moisturizing creams to become soft and beautiful.

3. High heels

Although not recommended for healthy feet to wear daily high heels, from time to time girls may “stretch” legs with heels. What could be sexier than the combination of short skirt and 5. A bit of tan for a sexy look

4. A bit of tan for a sexy look

Even though there are a few months until summer, that does not mean we can’t have sexy tanned legs. If you’re not delight by the idea of ??going to the solarium, offers color of your legs with self-tanning creams and sprays. Use them sparingly!

5. Swollen legs? Solutions

If you spend much time standing or feeling you often face heavy and swollen legs, the tips below might help:
* Limit consumption of salt. Salt promotes fluid retention;
* Legs up. Lie on your back, legs up and stay in this position for 10 to 15 minutes;
* Use elastic stockings that improve blood flow;
* Follow an exercise program. Physical activity helps circulation;
* Lose weight. Excess weight affects the movement of fluids from the body;
* Avoid sitting for too long. Every 1-2 hours, get up and take a walk;
* If you are under treatment, talk to your doctor about medication. Some medicines can have side effects as swelling of the feet.

All these tricks will help you get the sexy legs you ever wanted!


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