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10 Tricks to make you look Sexy

I’ll give you the magic formula – The 10 steps that can make miracles! How? With their help you will have an incredibly sexy look and you will leave with “mouth open ” those around you.

Lips that beg to be kissed
A gloss or lipstick color which lasts longer than your lips, you will surely go mad with pleasure your partner. But if you like fuller lips you can do? To get more volume, apply little oil of cinnamon or cayenne pepper on the lips to improve blood circulation. You can use the site with extra gloss and mint, which softly “inflames” the lips.

The heels increase your sex appeal
I can’t resist when my girlfriend wears a sexy dress and a pair of high heels. It may sound corny, but it is sexy to me every time I see this. If she were dressed like this in the kitchen, it would never have time to cook,” said Mike, 28 years. If your plan is to leave your feet at sight, at least do it in a masterly way: some high heels with a fine pair of stockings or apply some oil, enough to make them shine a little. What could be sexier than that? Maybe some higher heels.

A temporary tattoo? Why not?
Look at Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie! Many men love women who have a “dark side”, rebellious, ready only to discover them. It happens that the relationship will not last a lifetime, so watch yourself grow in the original. How about you do a small tattoo that could last a single night, just for your lover, but in the morning to become “innocent” again?

Sexy, sexy, sexy lingerie… always
While out shopping or a movie at the cinema, opting for very sexy lingerie. Why? I will trust you, you feel attractive. Research has shown that builds self-esteem is just as you shape and muscles: resorting to repetition…

An ultra-sexy makeup
Genes have turned a tremendous effect on the eye. Use a curler eyelashes and mascara to add more of their outer edge. Give your eyes an almond-shaped eyes with makeup and you will be truly sexy. The key is to outline tracing lengthens the outer corners slightly expanded, but without that little trick to be visible. For sexy eye makeup color palettes and use brown, gray or plum. Choose shades of cream to lighten the inner corners of eyes and offer great feeling.

Smile! Smile! Smile!
There is evidence that men give up easily in front of a beautiful smile, naturally. Besides being extremely sexy, smile shows that you trust. Start with a look under the eyelashes, and a sincere smile…

A flat belly
“If you have a car spray-tan, apply more to the sides of the abdomen, because this move will give the illusion of the hourglass figure,” says Anna Stankiewicz from the Rita Hazan Salon in New York City. Make sure that artificial tan to be applied uniformly in a circular motion to not look like packets of artificial muscles “

Straight back!
A straight posture may highlight an enviable waist,” says Janice Novak in his book: Posture, Get It Straight. Body upright and relaxed, pulled inside the abdomen, chest out, shoulders pulled back – here’s a position that impresses everyone, even you. Posture says a lot about a woman. Walk like a diva on the catwalk and you will attract all eyes.

A soft skin, smooth
After daily bath, do not forget to apply lotion as soon as you stop water to maximize the skin’s moisture,” advises Hilary Reich, a specialist in dermatology. In the winter months even shown to increase the number of cream body with which you indulge. You can also turn to olive oil or butter for the body naturally. A smooth skin is always sexy.

Water, plenty of water
You should drink at least two liters of fluid per day to keep you hydrated and your skin glow of health, and you look incredibly sexy. Do not forget this!

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