Why Doesn’t Your Doctor Like You?

The majority of the people criticize the medical system and especially the doctors. They consider the system to be flawed, the prices of the medications too high, the waiting lists too long, and so on. They also complain about the doctors, about the way in which they were treated, and about other problems as well. However, what many do not know is the fact that doctors can get annoyed by patients as well, and there are reasons why your behavior could be stressful for a doctor.

What makes us Annoying?

One of the reasons why you could be annoying for the doctor is the fact that you do not arrive on time. You are late for the medical appointment, and this is a no-no. Being late is usually annoying, even when you do it to a friend. Some people do it on purpose, because they had to wait to see the doctor. In the majority of the cases, the reason why he/she had to wait, was because one of the previous patients wasn’t on time. If you do it, the doctor will get upset. You should ask for the first appointment in case you are busy. In case your doctor makes you wait too long, the first appointment will solve this problem as well.

There are many people who expect too much from their doctor. Instead of taking care of their life and health, they expect the doctors to do it. One doctor stated that his patient wanted the hospital to arrange for her transportation to a different doctor. Another one expected the doctor to pay for her parking ticket, as he did not examine her fast enough. It seems that there are lots of absurd demands from the patients, and one way to solve this problem is to think about your demand, and in case it is absurd, don’t mention it.

Do Not Lie or Offer Advices

Another thing which annoys the doctors is the fact that you lie to them, especially when it comes to taking the medications. There are cases when people do not take their medications, because they consider it to be useless, or for other reasons. There are cases when people take half the dose, and then stop taking the medications. On top of that, they do not mention the reasons why they stopped taking the drugs. In case your doctor gives you a certain drug which you do not want to take for whatever reasons, you should mention this to your doctor. By doing so, he will make sure to give you a different drug.

One of the biggest things you could do in order to annoy your doctor is to diagnose your own medical problem, and then tell him how to treat the condition. It seems that this happens very often, as there are many people who come to the doctor, tell them that they suffer from this or that, and then tell them to give them certain tests. When you go to the doctor you should stop making suggestions and let the doctor do his/her job.

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