Why Do We Lose Muscle Mass?

As people get older they start to develop muscle and joints pains. Because of that, regular activities, such as picking up something from the floor can be very difficult to manage. Even if the pain isn’t very intense, it can cause quite an inconvenience, as it can influence one’s daily activities. It seems that the reason why people fill stiff is not because of the joints, as many assume, but because of the muscle loss.

What causes muscle loss?

In time, arthritis can occur because of the friction of the joints. The cartilage between the joints can get damaged in time, and as a result, pain in the joints can occur. Because of it, people lose flexibility, and so on. Because of this, it is very important to move the joints and the muscles on a regular basis. In case people do not move their joints for a long period of time, they feel pain. The same thing happens in case people do not move their muscles for a long period of time.

There are other additional factors which can cause muscle soreness.

One of those factors can be inactivity. With age the tendons and the ligaments get less extensible, and as a result pain might occur. The problem is that because of the pain, people tend to become less active. This is a huge problem, because the more inactive people are, the higher the pains will get in time.

Another reason why people get muscle soreness is because of too much exercise. This usually happens in the case of the younger persons, especially the ones who are very physically active. There is a saying: “no pain, no gain”, and many people who go to the gym follow it. They believe that the only way in which muscle progression can occur is by feeling the burn, that burning sensation, the fatigue in the muscles. Doing too many exercises can cause discomfort for the muscles and for the tendons, and this is the main reason why people who exercise too much will complain of muscle aches.

How to get rid of pains

The muscle spasms or sore muscles can be very painful. They can immobilize one, and the reason for that is because of the “splinting reflex”. The body immobilizes a sore muscle by contracting it. Usually, the muscles are underdeveloped, and when one exercises, the muscle becomes sore. Once it got sore, the splinting reflex takes place and as a result the connective tissue around the muscle is reduced.

This causes pain, and in the end the entire area will ache. This usually happens with the lower back, but the process can take place all over the body. It is very important to know the limitations of our body, and not to exceed them. Muscle spasm can take place regardless of the age, but they are much more painful and crippling as the age is more advanced. It is important to have a well-established routing, and to stick to it, otherwise, muscle spam and other complications might occur.

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