Ways of Improving Your Sex Life

There are lots of cases when couples who are over the age of 50, quit having sex, or even if they do it, they do it very rare. They might feel tired; they might not feel in the mood, the reasons are varied. People might feel pains and aches which can influence one’s life. Experts have stated that in order to be able to have sex without pains, it is advisable to take anti-inflammatory pills one hour before doing the deed.

Try new things

There are cases when making love, or sex, causes some discomforts. Some positions might put pressure on the back, the neck, and so on, and in time, the pain can get unbearable. One of the ways in which pain could be eliminated from the act of love making, is by using pillows. Pillows or foam wedges can make a lot of difference, as they can reduce the discomfort.

After the age of 50, many women suffer of vaginal dryness. Because of this, they do not fully enjoy having sex, as they feel high levels of discomfort. This can be solved with the aid of lubricants. The lubricants will not eliminate the problem completely, but they will make a huge difference. The lubricants can be beneficial for men as well, as some might suffer from loss of penile sensitivity. Lubricants can be used even when intercourse does not occur, but when genital play is involved.

Sex experts state that one way in which people can spice things up is by using dirty words. Of course, not anyone is comfortable doing that, so instead of using dirty words, people could simply say yes when they enjoy what their partner is doing. We could also make certain sounds which indicate pleasure in order to signal that we enjoy it. When we are not too fond of what the other is doing, we could remain silent, and thus in time, the partner will rely more on the acts which make us say yes, or moan, than on the ones which make us silent.

Choose the right moment

It is also important to make sex when you are not very tired. In the case of the elder people this usually happens in the morning. Many people over the age of 50 feel pretty tired when 9 or 10 PM comes, and as a result, it is advisable for these people to have sex either in the morning or in the early afternoon.

There are some people who disagree when it comes to the frequency of having sex. Some want it more than the others, and as a result, they might have troubles reaching to an agreement. Therapists recommend scheduling the love making sessions in advance, in order to eliminate disagreements from taking place. It is up to the two partners to schedule how often they want to do it, and so on.

These are some of the best ways in which people can enhance their sex lives, even if they are over the age of 50.

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