Reduce Your Back Pain Through Yoga

It seems that one of the best ways through which people can take care of back pains is Yoga. Yoga and stretching classes are more effective in the case of patients with chronic lower back pains than letting them take care of the back problems through various means.

Yoga and stretching are great for treating back pain

Stretching and yoga are excellent when it comes to improving the function of the lower back and reducing the symptoms of chronic back pain. It is believed that the progress in the case of yoga comes not from the mental exercise but from stretching. There are various physical benefits of doing yoga, such as strengthening the muscles of the back.

According to the researchers who wanted to see the benefits of yoga on the lower back, stated that there were no differences between the groups who did yoga and the ones who did stretching sessions. They stated in the Archives of Internal Medicine that the physical activity involving stretching, whether through yoga, or through other means, has moderate benefits in the case of the people who suffer from moderately impairing lower back pain.

Because of this, the researchers have stated that the main reason why yoga is so effective is because of the physical benefits. They stated that the muscles from the back get stronger with the aid of yoga. Many people believe that the main benefit of yoga is mental, but according to the researchers that is not true. Yoga might have mental benefits, but in the case of the lower back improvement is because of the musculature. The authors of the study have stated that the benefits of yoga might last for various months.

Karen J. Sherman, Ph.D., M.P.H., from Group Health Research Institute, Seattle stated that there are numerous treatments for chronic lower back pain, and despite of their high number and availability, none of them proved to be effective. These treatments are usually very expensive, and the patients do not gain too much from them. There are numerous self-management exercises people can do, because they seem safe, they do not cost money, and they are accessible.

Which is the best solution?

Yoga is one of the most popular of these exercises because it can bring both mental and physical benefits. The group of researchers wanted to see if yoga is more efficient than stretching exercises which can be found in self-care books for patients with lower back pain. 228 people participated to the study, 92 were included in yoga classes, 91 did regular stretching exercises, and 45 used information from a self-care book. The test lasted for 26 weeks, and the volunteers were called after the six week, the 12th one, and the 26th one. It seems that people who did yoga had the biggest benefits. However, back-related dysfunctions declined in the case of all groups.

People who did the stretching exercises took the second spot, and the ones who used the self-book took the third place. Researchers believe that the mental state had nothing to do with the improvement, the physical progress being solely responsible for it.

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