Know the Normal Aging Changes

Aging is a normal process, and so are some of the side effects of aging. Everybody will have gray hair and wrinkles; that is normal. Most of the changes we are going through are normal, but some of them are not. It is important to be able to differentiate the normal changes from the unnatural ones. Some of these changes might require medical intervention, and for this reason, it is important to know the possible changes associated with aging.

Some Changes Are Normal, Whereas Others Aren’t

According to the doctors, these changes take place over a long period of time. For this reason, if you experience sudden pain, it is clear that something is wrong. Knee pains, back pains, chest pains are not natural, especially if they develop overnight. Aging is a natural process, and despite of the inconveniences it might bring, it actually protects us from various illnesses including cancer. Experts state that the natural changes in cells slow down with the beginning of the age of 30. However, not everyone experiences the changes at the same rate. People who have a healthy lifestyle, who are physically active, and who consume a healthy and balanced diet, will feel much better than people who have a bad lifestyle.

By the age of 40, almost everyone will be in need of reading glasses. This is because of a condition called presbyopia, which causes the stiffness of lenses, and as a result they won’t adjust from distance to near vision. Cataracts start to affect people by the age of 60, and they are mostly caused by too much exposure to sunlight.

Glaucoma is not natural, and if your peripheral vision is blurred, then you need to contact a doctor. There are also molecular degenerations which affect the center of the retina, and in that case the central vision is affected.

Pay Attention to Your Heart and Stamina

Aging causes muscle loss, and one excellent way of slowing down the process is through strength training. The reason why we lose strength and stamina is because the heart loses its pumping capacity. Its muscles become weaker, and as a result we become tired much faster. Because of this, it is important to remain physically active, despite of the age. In case you experience sudden chest pains, go to the doctor, as it might indicate a more serious condition, such as heart attack. Anemia might also be the cause of lack of stamina.

High blood pressure is common when aging and it can be reduced with the aid of a low sodium diet. Salt leads to high blood pressure, so you should consume low quantities of salt. People also lose their hearing abilities when they reach a certain age, and that is normal. However, sudden ear pain, or an instant hearing loss could indicate a more severe problem. If you experience these changes, go to the doctor.

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