Myths about Pet Dangers

Having a pet can be very rewarding, as it can provide lots of comfort and company. There are millions of people who own pets in the world, and it seems that many of them believe in the various myths about what represents a danger for the pet and what doesn’t. Once we believe in these myths, it is pretty difficult to let them go, and because of this, we might prevent our pets enjoying a certain activities.

Chocolate and other “hazards”

One of the most popular myths about pets is the fact that even tiny amounts of chocolate will be lethal for them. This is not true, because a candy bar once in a while will not kill your pet. Sure, it is not a very good idea to offer your pet chocolate, especially in excess. Chocolate can be dangerous for the pet, especially if the chocolate is dark. The side effects are even higher in case the pet is small. The real threat for the pets is the artificial sweeteners. They can be deadly, so you need to make sure that your pet does not consume them.

Another very popular myth is the fact that the dog is in real danger if he consumes poultry bones. Dogs love bones, and it is okay to give your dog a bone once in a while. The reality is that bones are not a danger for the dogs, especially if they are raw. The cooked ones are more problematic, because they can splinter, and thus, they can represent a threat. It is okay to give your dog a bone once in a while. When it comes to food and pets, the yarn balls are the danger for cats. As you probably know, cats love to play with yarn balls, and the problem is that if they eat some string, they might be in lots of troubles. There were numerous cases when cat owners had to take their pet to the hospital in order to be operated, as it was the only way of saving the pet’s life.

Flowers and leaves can be dangerous

Another popular myth is that poinsettia leaves are deadly for the pets. These leaves are very common during the holiday season, and it is safe to say that they do not represent a threat for the pet’s life whatsoever. The pets are not harmed by these leaves. In case your pet consumes the leaves of these plants, he will develop stomach pains, and that is about it. You can keep these plants in the house in case you like them. However, when it comes to plants, the real danger is the lily. Lilies are very dangerous for the pets, as they are deadly. In case you have them, it is advisable to place them in spots where your pet cannot reach, because in case he does, and eats parts of them, you will most likely have to take the pet to the hospital. These are some of the most common myths about pets you might encounter. Do not believe them.

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