Getting Healthy Foods When You Can’t Swallow

Folks who suffer from dysphagia, a swallowing disorder that can cause choking on something simple as water, often have poor diets as they navigate how to obtain nutrients. It is even more important to have a healthy diet because of some of the combining factors in health. Depression is often diagnosed with someone who has dysphagia. Or they may have had health problems prior to developing their swallowing disorder. If you are concerned you can’t get the right nutrients to help your body repair we are here to show you which power foods you can incorporate into your diet and keep yourself healthy.

Healthy smoothies


Drink Thickeners

Most dysphagia patients are able to eat and drink, the food and beverages just need to be the right consistency. Although water is always recommended as something to drink often for the average human, dysphagia patients often cannot drink water due to its thin nature. Thickening agents, like the ones SimplyThick manufactures, are often used to make a smoothie or thicken up some juice for the patient. We highly recommend keeping some on hand and talking closely with your doctor about the appropriate thickness you or your loved one will need.

Add Some Avocado

When we mention avocado, many people think of slices in a salad or of guacamole. Avocados are a lot more versatile than we give them credit. You could opt for an Avocado Cream dessert for a sweet spoon-thick treat. Or you could include it in your morning smoothie to give it just the right thickness and a solid base for other ingredients. Why are avocados so important? They are a fruit that contributes to a happy and healthy heart while combating stress. It may seem weird to associate it as a coping skill but avocados are filling and reduce your chances of stress-eating the unhealthy stuff and many people lose weight when they include them in their diet.

Dine On Yogurt

Yogurt isn’t everyone’s favorite dish but it is a very good staple to a healthy diet, especially for women. You won’t be able to buy just any type of yogurt, the focus should be on a yogurt high in probiotics. It helps you maintain a happy gut, reduces stress and anxiety naturally, and is full of calcium which is good for women’s’ reproductive health.  You can also opt for Greek yogurt which is super high in protein. It’s a great addition to smoothies to keep you feeling fuller longer.

Blueberries Are Essential

Blueberries are another power food that you should not miss out on! They are proven to improve heart health, help you maintain healthy bones, reduce blood pressure, manage diabetes, and improve your reactions to stress. They are super easy to add to any diet as well. You can certainly snack on them, make a juice out of them, throw a few into your smoothie, and even make blueberry yogurt pops in your freezer.

Dark Chocolate Is A Treat To Include

Everyone loves hearing about how chocolate is good for you. Here is the real deal: dark chocolate is good for you. Not Hershey’s or Nestles (sorry!) but a dark chocolate bar. It is recommended that you eat dark chocolate with 70-85% cacao but if you can find it higher, that’s even better. Why is the cacao so important? Because it is rich in antioxidants, the same amount that we find in blueberries. It is known to help increase blood flow, lower blood pressure, can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, and improves brain function. You can add a bit on top of the Avocado cream, shave a little into a smoothie, or chew a small square each day.

By adding these power foods, you can help your body repair and maintain itself while learning how to cope with your swallowing disorder. As you feel better, you will do better.

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