Should You Get Eye Insurance?

If you have eye problems, you might be aware of the fact that health insurance usually doesn’t cover eye exams and getting new lenses or frames. They only cover eye care if you have a medical issue. However, there are numerous vision plans you can use, which will absorb some of the costs you need to pay at the eye doctor.

Benefit and Discount Plans; Which One Do You Prefer?

There are two main types of vision plans:  benefit and discount. The vision benefits allow you to use a fixed amount of money in exchange for a membership fee. You need to pay X amount of money, to be able to use Y amount of money. There is also the discount vision plan, which offers you a discount, such as 20 percent, regardless of the intervention. You decide which of the plans is more suitable and beneficial.

The benefit packages are similar to the health insurance plans. You are required to co-pay a certain amount of money, and the plan then limits what they will cover. For example they could pay for certain lenses, but if you want to buy more expensive ones, you will have to pay the difference from your own pocket.

In most of the cases, the benefit packages cost more than the discount plans. A benefit package could cost you $170 per year, whereas a discount plan could cost $70. In case you rarely go for eye examinations, or you rarely change your lenses or frames, then the discount plan is the better choice. The discount plan does not require a certain fee; you pay only when you go to the doctor. On the other hand, if you often go to the eye doctor, then a benefit plan is more suitable, because it will cover more money. However, you will pay a certain premium whether if you use the plan or not. It’s very similar to the dental insurances.

Get Regular Eye Exams

It is important to make an estimate of what it would cost you to pay the entire bill by yourself. You should then compare the sum to the cost of the fee, and with the benefits they offer, and see which is more advantageous. Make sure that you know what the plan covers; otherwise you might find yourself in a surprise. Just like in the case of the dental insurance plans, some of the vision plans might make you go to a certain optometrist. If you want to go to a certain optometrist, talk to him about which plan to choose.

The main advantage of having a vision plan is the fact that you will go more often to get your eyes checked. Eye examinations are very important, as they could discover certain illnesses, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and even tumors. Even if you do not have a vision insurance, it is advisable to check your eyes at least once per year.

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