Dieting Better than Exercising for Diabetics, But Combo is Best

The United States of America has been struggling with the obesity problems for a long time now and what people seem not to be aware about is the fact that obesity has many downsides, including the fact that overweight people are more prone to develop heart conditions and type 2 diabetes, which is a terrible condition.

Type 2 diabetes is related to the high levels of sugar found in people’s blood and most patients who suffer from the condition usually are insulin-addicts. This means that they always need to take their insulin shot, otherwise things can get very bad. There are many risks for people who suffer from type 2 diabetes and most of the conditions developed as a result of the condition may ultimately lead to death.

What’s better: dieting or exercising?

There have been many studies which showed that people who engaged in exercising were less likely to develop chronic conditions, such as diabetes or heart diseases, but according to the most recent study made on the issue, it seems that for people over a certain age, the diet is more important than the physical activity.

The said study analyzed women who were in their menopause and who lost weight through dieting. It seems that this process is more effective than exercising, but researchers involved in the study mentioned that even though dieting seems to be more effective than exercising in menopausal women, the combo is always better.

Combine diet with exercising

It is already very well known that people who suffer of type 2 diabetes need to do everything in their power to lose the extra weight and they should also follow a very strict diet, as they are usually not allowed to eat anything they want. First of all, diabetic people should reduce is not cut back their sugar consumption. Given that the sugar levels in their blood are already very high, eating more sugar may do them very much harm.

Furthermore, having a healthy lifestyle improves the entire experience of living with type 2 diabetes and people who suffer from the condition know that living with it is anything but easy. Therefore, the researchers involved in the study said that even though dieting alone was way better than exercising alone, it would be better if people combined the two.

So, if you want to live a normal life, without having to worry every single day about your diabetes, you should consider changing your lifestyle. Start first with making some little changes in your diet. There are many nutritionists out there who know very well exactly what type of diet would suit you and if you feel like you need someone to watch your diet, you should most definitely ask for help from professionals. Furthermore, adding to your daily routine some light exercises at first and then turn to strengthening exercising can do wonders, as the combination of exercising and healthy dieting is exceptional and it always works. The researchers recommend all people to start making some changes in their lifestyles if they do not want to suffer later in life.

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