Can Swine Flu Cause Baldness? Get Your Flu Shot!

It is widely known that people have started getting their flu shots, as they are all scared of the swine flu, which has made some victims throughout the entire period it has been around. However, there are some people who are not fully convinced that getting the swine flu shot is the best way to go. For the non-believers, however, a group of Japanese researchers have made a study in which they present that there might be a peculiar relation between suffering of swine flu and starting to lose your hair.

Swine flu responsible for hair loss?

The Japanese researchers have made this study, as they have observed that some of the people who had contracted this virus began going bald 3 to 4 months later. Even though the theory has not yet been confirmed, it seems that the researchers are very confident about the discovery they have made and they believe that there is a link between the virus causing swine flu and the condition called alopecia areata, which is characterized by hair loss and baldness.

From what the researchers stated, it seems that people lost hair not only off their head, but also of other parts of their bodies and the researchers seem to believe very much in this theory related to the swine flu, as there might be a strong connection between the virus causing the flu and the baldness.

What the researchers also observed in their study was that from the people who were infected with the swine flu virus for the first time, most of them began to lose their hear about 2.3 months after the virus installed itself in their system. The other participants in the study, who had a recurrence of the virus, began losing their hair only 1.5 months after the virus appeared again.

Baldness also occurring in women and children

As if it were not bad enough that there were women who lost their hair naturally, due to stress or other conditions, it seems that they are also affected by the baldness caused by the swine flu. People over their 40s were more prone to lose their hair due to the condition, but according to the researchers involved in this Japanese study, it seems that little children also suffered from alopecia areata after being infected with the swine flu virus.

From what the researchers said, it seems that a little girl suffered from swine flu at the age of 4 and lost her hair, but recovered completely. After a few years, the girl got the virus again and in a period of only 2 months, she lost her hair again. The researchers and the scientists involved in the entire study have mentioned that this theory according to which the swine flu virus could make people develop alopecia areata, which is actually an autoimmune disease, is very plausible. It is widely known that viruses can do this; they can make the body turn against itself and it seems that the swine flu does exactly this. It makes the body act against the hair follicles. The researchers advise everyone who has had alopecia areata to get their flu shot as fast as possible.

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