Best Sunny Places to Retire

There are many people who want to move in a different place when they want to retire, for various reasons. Some might want to go in a warmer place, others in a place near their children, and so on. In what follows I am going to offer you some information about the best sunny places to retire.

What are the best places to retire?

One of the most popular sunny places where you can retire is Grand Junction, Colorado. The area is amazing, as it has great landscapes, outdoor adventures; it is known for its great wines and for its amazing golf courses, and many other charming things. Grand Junction, which has almost 55,000 inhabitants, it is located between Colorado National Monument, and Grand Mesa. The former is known for its canyons, whereas the latter is known for its lakes. Grand Junction is also located near the Gunnison and Colorado rivers, which means that there are lots of outdoor activity possibilities, such as climbing, fishing, biking, and so on.

The downtown area is very impressive as well, as it has more than 189 restaurants, and almost 100 sculptures. The area is also known for its tasty wines such as cabernet, merlot, and many others.

Another great place to retire is Sarasota, Florida. This is the place to one of the best beaches in the United States of America: Siesta Beach. The area is known for more than its great beaches. The city which has almost 55,000 inhabitants is also known for its vast culture and for its impressive architecture.

Places in the East and Places in the West

Located near the city, there is the Myakka River State Park, which has hundreds of miles of hiking trails, airboat tours and cabin rentals. The wildlife includes foxes, alligators, otters, and red-tailed hawks. There are also lots of golf courses and tennis grounds as well, which should keep one occupied for a long period of time. Also, the Baltimore Orioles have their spring training headquarters at the Ed Smith Stadium. The stadium is also host to a minor league franchise.

People from San Diego consider their beach town smaller and friendlier than the one from Los Angeles. Even if it is smaller than Los Angeles, San Diego is very big, as it is the 17th largest city in the United States of America. It is bordered with two cities from Mexico: Tecate and Tijuana. The main attractions in San Diego are the beaches, including Coronado Beach, which was recently included amongst the top ten best beaches in the country. The city is much safer than Los Angeles, and reason for that might be the fact that it hosts numerous military bases.

The western part of the city is filled with canyons and parks and open spaces. However, the city is full of buildings as well, and it is host to one of the biggest universities specialized in biotechnology. The city has more than 100 neighborhoods, each with its own feature. The unemployment rates are very high in San Diego, but it seems that people are very healthy, as it has some of the lowest diabetes and cancer rates in the country.

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