The Benefits of Custom Fitted Posture Shirts

For people who have back or shoulder problems, there is an alternative to the traditional medical solutions: custom fitted posture T-shirts. Even if the solution might sound ridiculous, it actually isn’t. This type of shirt is made out of spandex, cotton, and polyester bands which are placed in key areas of the shirt. The polyester bands have the purpose of pulling the shoulders back and of aligning the spine to the normal posture.

Custom Fitted Posture Shirts Work

According to various people who bought these shirts, they are effective, and that in weeks, the pain will diminish. This shirt might help people who have certain problems, living a normal life again. For example, there are many people with back and shoulder pains who can no longer do the activities they enjoy doing. The posture shirt might help people with that.

People mostly use this shirt to correct their posture. Once they accomplished that, they no longer need to use the shirt, as their bodies are accustomed to sitting in the right manner. However, it is advisable to wear these shirts when playing a sport or performing a physical activity. These types of shirts are accessories from a new type of clothing, which has therapeutic purposes. The main task of these types of clothes is to relieve pain and to improve posture. Some of these shirts have elastics which prevent the wearer from standing in the wrong position. Others have electric sensors which emit signals when the user sits in the wrong position. The majority of this clothing cost around $100.

It seems that these types of clothes can also help people with certain ills, such as cuff pain, back pain, or neck pain. The majority of these pains are caused by poor posture. According to the experts, poor position doesn’t affect only the back or the shoulders. It can affect the blood circulation, breathing, and even digestion. According to the manufacturers of these shirts, the therapeutic clothing can lead to beneficial changes in the body. The bones and muscles align better in the body, and the brain controls the movement in the upper body in a much better manner.

Muscle Imbalance Leads to Pain

Poor posture and pains is usually caused by muscle imbalance in the body. There are 18 muscles which control the shoulder blade, and in order for the shoulder blade to sit in the proper manner, all these muscles need to be aligned in the perfect manner. People who perform certain sports such as baseball, volleyball, or swimming have higher chances of suffering of asymmetric scapula syndrome. However, inactive people can suffer of this condition as well.

In time, the brain no longer realizes that the position you are using isn’t correct. Exercising is the best solution of fighting against these illnesses, and for that reason you should exercise as often as you can. You could buy the shirt, and see if it helps you in any manner.

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