So What You’re 40? Learn to Get Dressed Smartly

It is said that with age comes wisdom. Well, at least that should happen. In what concerns everyday problems, people over the age of 40 are more than able to come out clean of everything. When it comes to fashion, though, things are not that simple, as it seems. Although being 40 does not mean you are old or old-fashioned, most people do not seem to understand that very well. This is the reason for which there are so many people with this age who simply cannot dress themselves properly.

Understand You Are Past Your First Youth

The first thing people over 40 need to understand if they want to dress properly is that they are long passed their first youth. This means that the ladies are no longer allowed to wear mini skirts, unless they are Sophia Vergara or Madonna and their legs look absolutely stunning. Considering the fact that the average 40-year old woman or older does not necessarily like mini skirts, the problem is solved. There are, however, women who cannot comprehend the fact that they are not that young anymore and they cannot seem to be able to dress according to their age.

Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to leave the past behind. Although vintage is trendy again, that does not mean you are allowed to pull out of your closet all your 60s or 80s clothes. Yes, we all know you really made those outfits work. It is no longer the case. Therefore, leaving the past behind is the best thing you can do.

Don’t Take Office Attire as Stylish Attire

If you are in your 40s, you are probably in the working class and you probably go to the office every day, wearing very somber clothes. Well, my dears, you need not mistake office clothes for stylish clothes. They are two very different things. This means that you should not wear the things you go dressed to the office with at a party or a night out with your friends or family.

Another thing you need to take into account is not to fall for today’s fashion. This fashion is not for you, it is for the little girls or very young women, who simply have to find something to show off. Although it may look fancy and very interesting, let’s face this together: you are no longer 20! That is not a problem! There are so many advantages to being a little older, you cannot even start to imagine. First, you have the money to buy all the clothes you want. Then, you have places you can go wearing those superb clothes. So, the best thing you can do is find something that suits both your style and personality, but that is also a little sexy and provocative. So what you’re 40? Aren’t you allowed to date and amaze people anymore? You are and you should do it!

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